Welcome to Swiss School, we have over 12 years of expertise.

“I was constantly facing problems in understanding and writing during lectures. Moreover, whenever I had to interact, I used to feel embarrassed because I made a lot of grammatical mistakes in my Spoken English. This course has helped me to speak very fluent English and I can now also give Presentations confidently. It also helped me in every area of my life – especially in successfully giving interviews, participating in group discussions and in giving presentations.”
-Sudha Mishra
“I used to find it difficult to speak to my seniors. After the course at Swiss I got complete clarity regarding grammar which is essential for English. I am now able to speak confidently with my seniors. Also once there was a in-house training in which there was a game where I needed to give an introduction of my participant and I could speak fluently and communicate properly.””
-Divya Tripathi
“When I came to SWISS, I came with a dream to speak English and change my work from selling fruits to becoming a professional. I completed the course which has helped me to understand, speak and write in English.”
-Arun Sharma