Welcome to Swiss School, we have over 13 years of expertise.

Director’s Message

Our Prime motive here is not just to attach wings to the student’s dreams, but also to counsel them to stay focused and positive on foreign lands.”
There is no shortcut to success. Hard work coupled with smart work and proper strategy and time management can make some succeed in this rat race of 21st centuries. There needs to be method in whatever we do.We must take stock of things, assess ourselves honestly and sincerely and plan accordingly. Arise awake and do not rest until your goal is achieved….

Mrs. Rekha Singh
Director,Swiss School

Academic Head’s Message

Faith is the cradle of success. It gives us pleasure to tell you about Swiss School. Hard work, Conviction and perseverance bring success to your doorstep.
Swiss school provides a truly advanced and world class professional training. It comes into existence to cater the future of those students who are school going, college going and aspirants of competitive exams on Global perspective. A new era is becoming to students of all the spheres who are well versed, groomed and competent in communication viz those who posses versatile personality.
The students who feel inferiority complex show underestimation or lack of confidence to explore themselves in modern scenario in every walks of life. Here the remedy is! Swiss School is a brand ambassador in imparting knowledge of English language and spoken English to create leaders. Leaders are those who have mega mind to ascertain their ways be it challenging or hard nut to crack.

It has created a new history to train students, businessman corporate leaders, competitors and religious gurus. The way of teaching is simple and lucid as a person feels comfortable in his native language. It is able to shootout troubles of those students who find English as a big hurdle.
It is like a new dawn in the horizon of the sky. It facilitates the students to learn the language at their finger tip. Why English from Swiss! Swiss gives the feel of native language to learn English in simple way. We extend our warm greetings and wishes to all the aspirants for their bright future with warm regards.

Mr. Saurabh Singh
Academic Head,Swiss School