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Swiss School

About Swiss School

Swiss School is a premier English language learning centre set up with the aim of providing impeccable quality training to enable learners of various backgrounds, needs and purposes to use language effectively and proficiently thus it becomes learning for life…
At Swiss School we ensure that impeccable quality training is imparted to all the learnerqs and their ultimate purpose is met. We offer a wide range of language learning programmes in Spoken English (beginner, intermediate and advanced), Institutional training, Corporate Training, Stress Management and Behavioral training, to cater to different learner needs.

Swiss School is a dream came true in the passion for English language and teaching.

We are specialists in language teaching with extensive knowledge and experience in this field. We have an unrelenting commitment to maintain and improve the quality of our courses to ensure that the best is always given to the learners It is this dedication to quality that makes our course highly effective with a quantifiable and long-lasting result.

Even after the completion of the course we interact with our students through Swiss School group over internet and also by occasional get together to help them clarify doubt and to brush up their knowledge. Swiss School operates two departments widely i.e. Spoken English & Computer Course.

Improve your understanding of the language with our spoken English courses


Our Objective

  • To help you attain quantifiable result and meet your purpose in the course of your choice.
  • To set a benchmark in language training and help learners acquire an effective communication level
  • To have a satisfied body of students who will continue to spread our good name and reputation.
  • To become a centre par excellence in English language teaching and to spread our unique training all over India
Swiss School
Swiss School

Silent Features

  • Daily practice tests and individual guidance on weak areas
  • Mock speaking tests and group discussions of speaking topics
  • Pronunciation training for better speaking and listening
  • Grammar classes through discussions and drills
  • Focus on building commonly used vocabulary
  • Personal attention and guidance
  • Tips on manners and etiquettePersonality development sessions